The Andersen Center Point Public Library is a bridge to community information, opportunities, cultural and educational learning, civic engagement and social structure.  Historically rooted in the community with links to the past and present, the library hopes to inform and engage the community for a better future.


As stewards of the library, we know the value of our community members and the services the library provides.  We understand the rapid pace of socioeconomic change and how it reflects the needs of our patrons. The library staff, board and volunteers will work continuously to adapt to and meet those needs.


We value our patrons and community by:

         ∞         Assisting all with equal, respectful and friendly service.

         ∞         Promoting literacy for all ages.

         ∞         Providing a collection of material in a wide variety of formats.

         ∞         Creating a fully accessible, welcoming space for multiple uses.

         ∞         Building partnerships with other organizations to create a network of resources.


Our mission is to:

         ∞         Employ a collaborative, creative and positive staff focused on service to the public.

         ∞         Invite active participation, discussion and consideration for services and structure.

         ∞         Value our staff and encourage continuing education opportunities. 

         ∞         Monitor the budgetary process and align the needs with the funds.

         ∞         Protect the confidentiality of patrons.

         ∞         Explore new opportunities when available.

         ∞         Welcome collaboration and service to the library board.


To summarize:

The Andersen Center Point Public Library serves to bring people together in a safe and welcoming environment to explore ideas, discuss issues, entertain and engage the community.  Center Point is a better place when it has informed and engaged citizens.



                                                                                                                                                                Rev 9/2019