Library Staff


Janine Walters is the Director of the Andersen Public Library.  Janine started at the library in 1994 as a volunteer bringing technology to the library.  Over the  years she automated the library system and maintained the software and hardware to make acess to all types of media easier for all patrons.  She would tell you that librarie have been around for centries because they are everchanging to meet the needs of the people.  Janine would tell you her greatest accomplishment at the library is hiring her staff and working with community members to strengthen resourses for everyone.

Janine loves a tall tale, true love, the truth and a good laugh, all of which you can find on the shelves of the library. She is married to Richard and has three children.

Children's Librarian

Diane Coberly is the children’s librarian and is in charge of much of the programming at the Center Point Public Library, including the summer reading program. She has been with the library since 2008 and is now a certified Level 1 Librarian. Diane also enters the new materials into the operating system and loves getting that “first look” at everything new. 

    Diane and her husband Greg live outside of Center Point, enjoying farm life along with the chickens, dwarf bunnies, cats and dogs. When not at the library, Diane enjoys spending time with Greg, their 3 daughters and their  families, gardening, reading, making jewelry and being outside.