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The Center Point Public Library will provide programming to further our mission of promoting an educated citizenry and enriching personal lives.  These programs are provided to help meet the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the residents of the Community.

Programming is provided to appeal to citizens of all ages but individual programs may be designed for a specific audience based on age.  Programs targeting a specific age group will be promoted as such.  All library programs are open to the general public.   

While some programming will be generated internally by library staff using library resources or with support of the Friends of the library, the library will also incorporate cooperative programming with other agencies, organizations, and educational institutions capitalizing on existing knowledge and expertise.  When grant –sponsored programs are held, dictates and rules of the grant will be followed.  Library program presenters who are affiliates of commercial enterprises may provide general knowledge without direct promotion of a business enterprise resulting in potential profit.  In addition, library programming shall not exclude topics or speakers because they may be controversial.  Acceptance of a program does not constitute endorsement by the library of the individual presenter’s policies or beliefs.  Library-initiated programs will provide for the “interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves” as outlined in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.

The Library promotes its programming opportunities through local media including local business electronic signs, through posters and bookmarks, Facebook postings, and the library web page and catalog site.  Presenters may not publicize their programs without approval of the Library Director.   

No fees will be charged to people attending library programs except with the approval of the library director.  The only items that may be sold to the public are books, recordings, or works of art created by presenters.  The performer or his/her associate must handle the sale of these items.

The Library welcomes individual and corporate support and community partnerships in the form of monetary donations designated for specific events or projects to the Friends of Library. Programming initiative as well as donations of serving supplies and refreshments.  If refreshments are provided, logo cups/napkins may be used if donated by a business.

The Center Point Public Library will provide off-site outreach programming to insure equity of access and service to all patrons.  These programs could include storytime events at local preschools or presentations to community groups or organizations for the purpose of providing or promoting library services.        

Library programs or classes may be cancelled for several reasons including cases of severe weather, presenter conflict, or low registration numbers.