Keep yourself informed and healthy.  Stay home if you can.  If you must go out please take the precautions to keep yourself and those around you safe.



Citizens of Center Point                                                                                                                4/4/2020

I realize this is a difficult and anxious time for everyone as we tread new waters in dealing with the COVID19 Pandemic.  I understand that social media posts often talk about circumstances surrounding this pandemic and I want to assure you that Center Point is doing everything recommended by the State and County Health Department to help keep our citizens safe.  The number one player in this fight is YOU!  Everyone needs to strongly put in place in your home the social distancing guidelines that have been given to us to follow!  This means the difference in not only protecting yourself and your family it will help protect your friends and neighbors as well.  The City of Center Point and your Council are not privy to specifics about the people within Linn County that have tested positive for Corona Virus.  The only information being shared with us concerning number of cases is the same information you can find daily through local news media and various websites dealing directly with the Corona Virus in Iowa.  At this point you should simply assume that the virus is in every community and do everything you can to keep you and your families safe.  You can find more information about the City of Center Point's response to Corona Virus by visiting our website at www.centerpointia.com  You can also contact us directly at 319-849-1508 Monday through Friday.  I would also encourage you to visit the State website for this pandemic  https://coronavirus.iowa.gov/

I wish you all health and safety during this time.

Paula Freeman-Brown