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Fax or copy something

The library has a fax machine and a copier available to the public.


  • Faxes will be both sent and received by the library.
  • There is a flat  fax one dollar fee for local or toll free numbers. 
  • For long-distance numbers, the cost is $1.00 per page with a $2.00 minimum charge.  A 1-page fax will cost $2.00, 2 pages will cost $2.00, 3 pages will be $3.00, etc.
  • To receive a fax is only $.25 per page.
  • Please call the library for the phone number if you need a fax received.
  • If you need a fax sent, the staff will send it for you.



  • A copy machine is available for public use to produce black and white copies only.  You can make the copies yourself or a staff member will assist you if needed.
  • Copies are $.10 each.  Double sided copies count as 2 pages.